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Daniel Pink's ideas have been in the forefront of progressive human resource development practices and is shaking up the business world. His 5 books all of them being bestsellers have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. This workshop is a culmination of Dan's ideas and how you can manifest the best out of your employees. You have the option to attend the 2 different programs based on your organizational needs. From the 1/2 day key note address, and the comprehensive 2 days training program can be conducted specifically for your organization.


Half day Program

The half day key note address gives you an overview of how organizations are able to incorporate key concepts for Drive. This includes a test case overview of Ebnu’s experience of having been involved in the start up operations of Singapore’s first low cost carrier Valuair Airlines in 2004, how they rattled up the aviation industry as the first low cost airline entrant in the Singapore Market, without any affiliation with the National carrier.

Topics covered in the 1/2 day session

  • Benefits of an engaged workforce
  • Advice and best in case studies to create conditions for an engaged workforce
  • Test case example of Valuair airlines, the first start up low cost carrier to operate in Singapore
  • Introducing, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose
  • Learning from organizations who benefited from using such an approach


Have an overview on what it takes to motivate and engage your young millennials in your work space. Get excited in this 1/2 days session, to win over your stake holders, to prescribe to Autonomy, Purpose and Mastery in your work teams

  • Cornell University research has shown that autonomous teams are more productive then just work teams
  • Win over your Team Managers, stake holders and decision makers to commit to an awesome work place
  • See the value of have ROWE, Results only work environment
  • Command and control, need to make way for motivation 3.0 for the new millennials

Two days Program

Join our 2 days program that is validated by Dan Pink’s from his awesome book “Drive” – the surprising truth about what motivates us. This program encapsulates what is needed in the new work place. How you can engage the young millennials with a new operating system. We will use the example set by “Tom’s shoes”. 4 decades of scientific research on organisational performance has demonstrated that there is a big divide and mismatch between what business does and what research has shown. More than 50% of employees are not engaged and 20% are totally disengaged. In USA alone the cost of disengagement is over $500 million dollars in lost performance per year. I believe staff motivational issues affects you too, get in touch us, use the proven methods prescribed in “Drive”.

Workshop outcomes

  • How to develop a greater sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose in your organization
  • Overcome the 3 elements that are holding your organizations performance back based on scientific research
  • Techniques to improve employee engagement and motivation
  • The yearning to do in service something larger than ourselves
  • Aligning personal and organizational purpose
  • Finding the flow in the work we do
  • Goal clarity intrinsically
  • Developing the mindset needed for the new economy


Here are the tangible benefits that we will achieve in this 2 days workshop

  • Keeping the best employees you have engaged and motivated
  • Getting your employees to be your best advocates for great talent
  • Drawing on 4 decades of scientific research on human motivation and applying them in the new work place
  • Keeping your team operating in the “FLOW”

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Award Winning Program and Book

The book by Daniel Pink is an international best seller that has influenced the minds of progressive HRD practitioners. The methodologies and overviews have helped shaped progressive employee engagement, development and retention techniques in the work place. This book has been a bestseller and a must have for all HR practitioners.

> New York Times Bestseller
> Wall street journal Bestseller
> San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller
> Amazon top 50 Bestseller 2011
> Publishers weekly Bestseller

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What motivates employees

Most of us believe that the best way to motivate ourselves and others is with rewards like money  utilizing the carrot and stick approach. Daniel H Pink says, that the secret to high performance is satisfaction, to do the best job we can. The deeply embedded human need to direct our own lives and create new things. The elements of true motivation is centered on – Autonomy, mastery and purpose. Through this program we can take you through to best in class practices you can also adopt in your workplace.