Outdated notions of management has been all about command and control. As individuals think about how we played as a kid. We choose the toys & friends to play with. It has always been about being autonomous and self directed. Autonomy has a powerful effect on individuals and its the cornerstone of what “Drives” people at work

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Motivation 3.0, demands engagement. Only engagement can produce mastery, thus becoming better at something that matters. Pursuit of mastery requires an inquiring mind and the willingness to solve complex problems at work. Mastery is a mindset and it requires effort for which the payment is sweat and commitment.

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Deeply motivated individuals, see a higher calling for the work they do. A sense of purpose. The sense of purpose that serves as an inspiration and a guiding principle. The emphasis is less on self interest but more on the greater good. To simplistic say carrots always work is an insult and incoherent.

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The puzzle of motivation

The old models are broken. We see it everywhere – in three decades of declining employee engagement, in organizations that are struggling to adapt, and in a broader sense that businesses and governments alike could be doing better.

Thats why cutting edge organizations throughout the world are tossing off the outdated, mechanistic 21st century approach and embracing something new. Build upon five decades of social science, this new approach uses, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose as the pathway to high performance.

Daniel H Pink

‘Drive’ an awesome book

This is a book that relooks at how we can motivate folks to do the best work they can at work. The old ways of motivating folks using incentives, punishments do not usually work. Taking a cue from research, behavioral and organizational performance, applying science towards motivating people at work. The old ways of using rewards and punishments to control our employees is at best archaic. The maximize the human potential, tap the talents of millennials in your workforce, we need to upgrade our thinking on

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

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Drive People

Dan H. Pink as the author for "Drive" and Ebnu Etheris, Ma.(IDT), is a trained facilitator to deliver this program in Indonesia and Asia.

Dan PinkAuthor of ``Drive``

Daniel H. Pink (born in 1964), is a best selling author and has written 5 books about business work and management centered on behavioral and social science. He has sold 2 million copies of his book worldwide.

Ebnu Etheris, Ma.(IDT) and B.Ed&TrnFacilitator for ``Drive``

Ebnu Etheris has spent 10 years working in a capacity of a training manager having working with companies such as SIA, DHL and Millennium & Copthorne.

Award WinningProgram and Book

The book by Daniel Pink is an international best seller that has influenced the minds of progressive HRD practitioners. The methodologies and overviews have helped shaped progressive employee engagement, development and retention techniques in the work place. This book has been a bestseller and a must have for all HR practitioners.

> New York Times Bestseller
> Wall street journal Bestseller
> San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller
> Amazon top 50 Bestseller 2011
> Publishers weekly Bestseller

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Drive Process Our Approach Drive Process

We believe that every organization is different and there is a need to contextualize the unique organizational challenges you have. Hence, a wholistic organizational development process to meet the needs of your organization.

Strategic Intelligence
Launch workshop

Curriculum Design

Experiential learning

The methodology we take in this workshop encompasses the use of experiential learning in delivering the curriculum. Its hands on and engaging using case studies with small group discussions.

Program design

The “Drive” workshop can be delivered with the options of having a half day introductory sessions, 1 day options or the full 2 days training sessions. Do sound out to us what will work for you.

Support to apply initiatives

We would like to address organizational gridlocks you face. What are some initiatives that you can start to ensure “Drive” sticks with the people who attended this session and in your organization. This includes post program support.

Clients Feedback

We very much value what our clients have to say about the delivery of our workshops. Here are some testimonials from senior managers and executives who have attended sessions facilitated by Ebnu.

Drive Program

Date: 10th July, 20th Oct and 15 Nov 2019

Time: 0900

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